Thursday, May 17, 2018

Marshfield High School Pops Concert-Saturday 5/19

Don't miss MHS Pops! Sat. 5/19 in the MHS gymnasium. Get tickets here $18.00 Adults / $15.00 Senior Citizens & Students. Tickets will also be available at the door, if not sold out.

Handicap Accessible Parking Spaces

Dear Members of the MPSD Community,

The School Committee and I would like to remind students, staff, parents and the community to please be respectful of the Handicapped Accessible Parking Spaces in each of our school parking lots.  These spaces are available for people who are in legitimate need of the space. Unfortunately, there have been a number of times when vehicles without appropriate disabled parking placards have parked in these spaces. 

At times it may seem trivial and inconsequential to pull into a handicapped accessible parking space to “quickly” drop off a student, pick up a student or just run into the building for a “second”.  Before using these spots illegally; however, we ask you to “stop and think” for just a moment about your actions and to respectfully only use a handicap parking spot for its intended use by law.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for respecting this longstanding law.


Jeffrey W. Granatino, Superintendent of Schools
Marshfield School Committee

Correct use of a disabled parking placard.    

1. Hang placard on your rearview mirror when parking in a HP location.
2. Hang placard so expiration date can be seen.
3. Have placard registration with you at all times.
4. Make sure placard is not expired.
5. Park properly in HP location.
6. Remove placard before driving.
7. Get placard replaced immediately if lost.
8. Return placard to DMV if placard is no longer needed.
10. Do lock your vehicle and close windows when using your disabled placard.
11. Do obey all parking rules and regulations

Incorrect use/abuse of a disabled parking placard.
1. Don't use someone else's placard (including relative).
2. Don't park in cross-hatch area reserved for van ramp/lift access.
3. Don't drive with placard hanging on rearview mirror.
4. Don't use expired placard.
5. Don't put placard on dash with expiration date covered up.
6. Don't let anyone else use your placard including close family members and relatives.
7. Don’t use your disabled placard if you are not entering or exiting the vehicle.
8. Don’t park illegally.
9. Don’t leave your disabled placard in an unlocked vehicle.

Thank you.

MHS Prom Information


Below is important information that should assist you with your planning for our Junior Prom and the evenings activities.
Students must attend school on prom day. Students are required to be in school until 10:30 AM and if dismissed their absence is not excused for their G and H block classes. Please plan accordingly.
  1. Our evening will begin with a Red Carpet Parade for all students attending the Prom. This event will be held in the Gym at MHS from 4:00– 5:00 PM on May 18, 2018. Doors to the gymnasium will open at 3:15 PM.
  2. Our Guests of Honor should be dropped off at the road behind the stadium so that they can walk to the back gym entrance for our Red Carpet. They will be given instructions on when to enter the Red Carpet to walk before our community. Students who are driving and leaving a car for after the prom should park in the FBMS Junior student parking lot. Our buses will drop off on the access road when they return. 
JUNIOR PROM – Quincy Marriott
  1. All students attending the prom will be transported to the prom via our buses. Students cannot enter the prom if they drive themselves.
  2. Our buses will leave for the Prom between 5:30 – 5:45 PM.
  3. The Prom begins promptly at 6:30 PM.
  4. A photographer will be present at the Prom. Students do not need to bring money for pictures at that time. Packages can be ordered from the photographer web site at a later date.
  5. The prom will end at 10:30 PM and we will load our buses for our return to Marshfield.
  6. Parents who are picking up should plan to pick up at 10:45 PM Friday night and should park in the front parking lots at MHS.
  7. All of regular dance procedures will be followed to insure that we have a fantastic celebration.
  8. Just a reminder parents of our Keep Your Student Safe Program. Please assist us in making our weekend a wonderful and safe celebration.

FBMS Library Dedication in Honor of Eileen Ryan

Below is an open invitation from SC Chair, Sean Costello:

Please join us this Friday 5/18 at 2:45PM as we dedicate the Library at FBMS in memory of Eileen Ryan.
Eileen was a member of the School Committee for 12 years, and was instrumental in renovating and expanding FBMS almost 20 years ago (among other projects) - she played a huge role in our educational excellence! All are welcome to come celebrate her legacy.

Drug Awareness Presentation for Parents

Attention Grade 4 & 5 Families
Grade 4 and 5 parents are invited to attend a parent presentation of “Brain Drain” on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. in the Martinson Elementary School Auditorium.
 “Brain Drain” is an interactive presentation geared toward upper elementary students that provides current, research-based information on various aspects of drug abuse and addiction, and highlights the importance of remaining substance free.  
Grade 5 students will participate in this presentation on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.
Objectives of the Brain Drain presentation:
  • Familiarize participants with how the brain functions
  • Identify drugs of abuse and their specific impact on a developing brain
  • Explain the concept of addiction and a young person’s heightened vulnerability
  • Dispel myths surrounding certain drugs
  • Highlight the importance of remaining substance free
  • Encourage dialogue on where and who to reach out to for support

Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday, April 30, 2018

MPSD Wall of Honor Nominations

April 30, 2018

The Marshfield School Committee and MPSD Leadership team are excited to begin the process to select the district’s inaugural Wall of Honor induction class.  The purpose of this honor is to foster pride in our system through recognition of individual achievement of former students, teachers, coaches/advisors, administrators, school committee members and friends of the Marshfield Public Schools.

Voted on last fall by the School Committee, the Wall of Honor will look to “honor people of exemplary moral character who have made an outstanding contribution to the school community or education, over a period of time; or have accomplished exemplary achievement; or have displayed outstanding leadership.”

“Any faculty/administrator/school committee members or school volunteers/supporters who have not worked in the Marshfield Public School district for at least three (3) years or more, and /or students who have been graduated for three (3) years or more are eligible to be considered for nomination. Any member of the Marshfield community or Marshfield school community may nominate a candidate.”  

Over the past month, we have established a Wall of Honor Subcommittee and that group of individuals will be responsible for deliberating over each nominee’s qualifications and making a final determination on this year’s Honorees.  This subcommittee consists of the Superintendent, two members of the community, two school committee members, two teachers and a building principal.

“Any member of the Marshfield community or Marshfield school community may nominate a candidate.  Nominations should be made by letter (or by attached nomination form) stating the individual’s accomplishments and the nominator’s reasons for support of the nomination.  Vitae of the nomination should accompany the letter.” 

These letters of nomination should be submitted to Ruthann Despier, the Superintendent's Administrative Assistant.  The letter/nomination form can either be mailed to the Marshfield Public Schools’ Central Office (76 South River Street) or emailed to Ms. Ruthann Despier at  The deadline for submitting a nomination letter will be Friday, May 18th.

Once the inaugural class to the Wall of Honor is selected (early June), those individuals will be notified and there will be an evening to honor them.


MPSD Wall of Honor Subcommittee


Marshfield Public Schools
Wall of Honor
Nomination Form

Please take a moment to fill out this form and return it to the Superintendent’s Office by Friday, May 18th.  The form may be mailed to 76 South River Street, Marshfield, MA  02050 or emailed to the Superintendent’s Assistant, Ruthann Despier at

Name of Nominee _______________________________________

Nominator’s Name:  _____________________________________
Phone/Email:             _____________________________________

Nominee was a (check all that apply):

            Graduate of MHS                                                       _____
            Teacher/Staff member/SC member                             _____
            Friend/Supporter of Marshfield Public Schools         _____

If a graduate, teacher/staff member or School Committee member, when did nominee graduate, retire or end their service to the district.    

Please provide a list of accomplishments and a brief description of why you feel the nominee is worthy of this honor (if space is not sufficient, feel free to attach additional documentation).


Please provide two (2) additional references who can speak to this nominees accomplishments.

Name ________________________________          Phone/Email ________________________
Name ________________________________          Phone Email ________________________

The Subcommittee will make their final decisions on the class of 2018 Wall of Honor by early June, 2018.