Thursday, August 25, 2016

MPSD's Newest Educators

Below are the names of the District's newest educators and professional support staff.  It has been a very busy season in the personnel world and we are thrilled to be able to welcome so many talented educators and professionals to our team.  After going through a three day induction program this week, our newest educators are looking forward to meeting their new students and fellow educators next week.

Below are some photos from this past week along with a breakdown of our new staff and where they will be.

Brittany Carmical Math Teacher FBMS
Corey Cuddihy Special Education FBMS
Katelyn Damaris Guidance Counselor  MHS
Nicole Dickinson School Nurse DWS
Meghan Flanagan Physcial Education Teacher MHS
Jeremy Frey Physics Teacher MHS
Renee Gallo ASD Specialist DISTRICT
Meka Genatossio Music Teacher MES
Emily Hardwick Business Operations Coordinator CENTRAL
Megan Hartman English Teacher MHS
Siobhan Hayes Special Education FBMS
Laura Howerton Biology Teacher MHS
Melissa Humphrey Data Systems Specialist CENTRAL
Marissa Jones School Psychologist FBMS
Dana Junior Technology Education Teacher MHS
Kathleen Keenan School Nurse FBMS
Mandy Keith Kindergarten Teacher SRS
Carolyn Magowan SLP GWS
Catherine Mulligan Elementary Teacher DWS
Kathleen Murrill English/LA Teacher  FBMS
Melissa O'Brien Science Teacher FBMS
Rebecca O'Dowd School Adjustment Counselor MHS
Joseph Powers English Teacher MHS
Benjamin Raymond English Teacher  MHS
Adrienne Robatzek Elementary Teacher DWS
MacKenzie Sharpe Special Education MES
Pamela Smith Early Childhood Teacher DWS
Tyler Spilhaus Physics Teacher  MHS
Julie Stiles School Nurse FBMS
Katherine Tracey Social Studies Teacher MHS
Erin Waffle Guidance Counselor  MHS
Erik Whitaker Math Teacher  MHS
Meghan Wilkers Special Education GWS
Elizabeth Zimmer Special Education GWS