Friday, July 10, 2015

Hello Marshfield

Good Evening Marshfield Parents & Caregivers,

Having completed my first full week on the job as your Superintendent, I wanted to let you know how excited and honored I am to take on this very important role.  We have a terrific team of teachers, administrators and support staff in our district and they are one of the main reasons I wanted to come to Marshfield and be a part of this team.  Just as important is the ongoing support shown by the entire Marshfield community. When you have a strong team in the schools working with caring community stakeholders, you have the foundation for a tremendous school district.  That is what we have in Marshfield and I am looking forward to building on the great work that has been going on in the Marshfield schools for some time.

I will be spending a big part of the summer meeting with members of our educational and support teams, along with town leaders and parents throughout Marshfield to get a good understanding of the priorities of our educational community.  I have been able to meet with a number of folks already and I look forward to continuing those conversations as I work with our school leaders in developing goals for the upcoming school year.  While dates have not been set yet, I will also be hosting a few "Coffees with the Superintendent" at different schools around town so I can meet with as many of you as possible.  Please watch our website for those upcoming dates.

In my ongoing effort to keep lines of communication open throughout the district, I want you to be aware of two of the ways that I will be sharing information throughout the year. The first is through my Twitter account.  I will update that frequently with information that I feel is pertinent to what we are trying to do here in the district.  That account is .

In addition, I just set up my blog, “The Superintendent’s Corner”.  This will be a platform by which I can communicate with staff and families on matters of importance around the district.  I have found it very useful in the past and will update it quite a bit.  Feel free to let me know if you have information or news that may be good for the blog.  That address is .

As I noted before, Marshfield has a tremendous team of educators who work together in the best interest of the students and families of this great town.  I am excited for the opportunity to lead such a group and I am confident that we will continue to grow as a district.  

I look forward to seeing you around town this summer.

All the best,

Jeffrey Granatino