Friday, December 9, 2016

MHS Building Committee Announces over $2 Million in Savings on High School Project

At this week's School Committee Meeting, MHS Buidling Committee Chairs, Bruce Spitler and Principal Bob Keuther announced that, as the high school project comes to a close, there were over $2 million in savings from the original bid costs.

Below is a memo outlining the cost savings from Principal Keuther:

Date:   December 2, 2016

To:       Town of Marshfield School Committee

From: Robert Keuther, Co-Chair School Building Committee
Bruce Spitler, Co-Chair Marshfield School Building Committee

Re:      Final Budget Results – New Marshfield High School

The Marshfield School Building Committee completed the financial statements for New Marshfield High School Project and approved our final financial statements that will now be audited by the Massachusetts School Building Authority. Once the audit is complete the project will be finished. Our final budget numbers are below:

Initial Total Approved Budget:       $103,958,839

Total Bid Budget:                             $101,630,087

Final Project Cost:                           $99,569,033

Budget Savings:                              $2,028,254

In addition, here is a link to the article highlighting the savings to the Town of Marshfield.