Monday, January 18, 2016

Preliminary FY 17 Budget

The School Committee is now in the process of building their FY 17 Operating Budget, with the help of my administrative team.  Last Tuesday, we had the first reading of our preliminary budget for the upcoming school year.  There will be additional discussion on the preliminary budget during the SC meeting on Tuesday, January 26th, which will also serve as a public hearing on our preliminary budget.

We will spend a great deal of time, leading up to the Annual Town Meeting in the spring,  analyzing and revising our final budget number.  We will keep you aware of what we are working on throughout the process.  If you cannot attend meetings or miss them on cable, you will be able to keep track of our work by looking at pertinent budget documents that we will make available to you on our website.

During last week's meeting, I presented a PowerPoint that summarizes our objectives in the budget process and where we are with regards to a preliminary number.  Here is a link to that PowerPoint. Additional information will be posted as we review it with the School Committee.