Monday, January 11, 2016

Update on MPS Student

Good evening.  I write to you tonight with some sad news.  I want to inform you that a female student in the 6th grade was struck by a car while crossing the street at the intersection of Furnace and Forest Streets this afternoon, at approximately 3:40 PM.

The Marshfield police and fire departments responded to the accident immediately and the child was taken by helicopter to a Boston area hospital for further evaluation and treatment.  At this time, we have not been able to speak with the parents and therefore, we will not be releasing the child’s name or any information pertaining to the nature of any injuries the child may have been sustained.  When appropriate, and with the family’s permission, we will try and keep you updated on the situation.

School administrators will be meeting with their crisis team before the start of school tomorrow and they will be monitoring the well-being of their students and staff throughout the day.  Counselors from across the district will be available as well to assist.

At this time, we are keeping the child and her family in our thoughts and prayers.